Know a little more about us

About Gaia Eco

To promote change it is necessary to lead and we are leading in the development of new ways to create sustainable products, with a negative carbon footprint goal. We constantly develop new platforms aiming to improve the life of our Gaia Eco Team and the life of the community in which we operate.

One world. One network. Infinite possibilites.

TDI Global Solutions

TDI is an American company that has built a network of qualified contract partners to manufacture packaging and displays across Asia, India and Latin America. It is ideal for companies looking to transition quickly, effectively and easily to source outside of China. TDI helps customers find a lower manufacturing cost without sacrificing brand quality, marketing identity or cost.

Determined to build a more sustainable world, TDI created its own 100% biodegradable paper cups and straws factories in India and Brazil. TDI is developing cutting-edge technology to eliminate plastic from its products, making them biodegradable and compostable.

TDI is also heavily engaged in developing proprietary packaging materials that have been successful in creating new fiber options for boxes. The materials have permitted boxes to be stronger, lighter and cheaper, all while eliminating the need for the harvest of trees. TDI expects a wide launch of these materials in late 2022 on a global scale.

What we do:

We make paper cups and straws with sustainable, ecologically correct, 100% biodegradable and recyclable inputs.

Our world. Our choice.

A sustainable consumer is one who chooses products that respect the environment. Choosing brands that align with your values makes your choice to gear for a positive change.


A razão pela qual existimos

Criar e fornecer produtos seguros, de qualidade e sustentáveis, sem gerar impacto ambiental, sendo ao mesmo tempo uma empresa modelo em responsabilidade social, proporcionando uma vida e um mundo melhor, garantindo o futuro às novas gerações.


Onde e como queremos chegar

Ser reconhecido pelos clientes e pela sociedade como referência em nosso ramo de atuação, por proporcionar segurança e qualidade dos produtos, assim como o cuidado com o meio ambiente.


Identidade da Empresa

  • Foco no cliente;
  • Garantia à segurança dos nossos processos, produtos, colaboradores e clientes;
  • Aprimoramento contínuo;
  • Transparência, Seriedade, Compromisso e Ética;
  • Respeito a todos e diversidades;
  • Contribuição à Sociedade e Meio Ambiente